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The ABC Ideology

Better living through . . . better living!

1. Constitutionalism
   The Constitution is plain as day and should be followed to the letter. No work arounds, no alternative theories or interpretations.


2. Abortion

   I am pro-life. My views differ from other pro-lifers in the fact that as most other pro lifers believe that life begins at conception, I believe that all cells with functioning mitochondria are living, and personhood and God given rights are conferred when the heart starts beating (5-7 weeks). When the heart starts beating, you have a living human being and American citizen in the womb, and to kill it should constitute a violation of 18 USC 1111-1117.

3. Education

   Every child is deserving of an education that fosters intellectual growth and preparedness for the future. Our current curricula are filled with Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology, pseudo-science, and other things that our children have no business learning, and that cloud our kids' minds and judgement and set them on a path to moral and financial failure. Getting back to basic reading, writing, verbal comprehension skills, basic logical, and critical thinking skills is crucial. these policies have worked since humans have been in existence, and shouldn't be changes just because a fringe group says so.

4. Law Enforcement

   Our police used to be the most respected members of our communities (aside from clergy). Because of antifa and BLM, they face certain peril for just doing their jobs and making us safe, without any sense of appreciation for the fact that their lives are literally on the line every day they strap the badge to their chests. Our cops need to know that we love them and support them and thank them for making us and our communities safe.


5. Gun Rights
  The Second Amendment is very clear. Shall Not Be Infringed was not written in Japanese. With limited exceptions, gun rights shall not be denied to American Citizens.


6. First Amendment:
   No one should be deplatformed because of beliefs. Since Big Tech went in with Congress to draw up Section 230, then that means that Congress passed a law that abridges free speech. Consequently, Big tech should be sued for violation of civil rights every time someone gets banned for ideological beliefs. On a state level, citizens should be able to sue big tech for being deplatformed because of ideology.


7. Financial: 
   OK, I get it. There are no income taxes in the state of Washington, but that doesn't mean you can bleed people dry in other ways! let's trim down the vehicle registration tax, streamline the B&O tax, and REPEAL the new Capital Gains tax . . . a tax that is COMPLETELY unconstitutional. Let's do something extreme like living within our means and not spending more than what we bring in. You can run your state budget the same way you run your household budget; I promise you.

8. Personal Freedom
   Yes, we went through a Pandemic. Yes, the constitution provides for state governors to take emergency powers in extreme circumstances. But when the governor goes from governor to dictator, then a line must be drawn. We as legislators must be able to step to our governor and tell them when enough is enough. Our legislative body has been afraid to get in Governor Inslee's face and tell him what's up. We need to be better than that, because the people deserve a body that will fight for their rights.


9. Elections
   We've been kind of doing it wrong. Why are we mailing ballots to people who don't ask for them? Would you mail guns to people who don't ask for them? How about passwords to government computers? Should those be mailed out unsolicited? No? Then why the hell are we doing it with ballots in this state? As we have recently learned, mailing out ballots leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong. Think about it . . . as old as our USPS is, you would think that if mailing out ballots were a good idea, it would have been done a long time ago.


10. Immigration
   So if you're going to permanently live in America (or draw from her benefit well), you should at least try for citizenship. If you're here illegally, we have nothing for you. You can't go to any other country and draw from its benefits if you don't go through the process, so neither should someone be able to in the U.S. To that end, ICE and CBP need to be fully funded, staffed, and set free to do what they do best: catching and deporting illegal aliens.


11. Men's Rights
   This one will piss people off, but oh well. Yes, I believe that Men's rights are human rights. When men are free to  do what they do best, society as a whole benefits. Yes, there are women CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and judges . . . but who built those buildings that those female CEOs sit in? Who built the hospitals that the female doctors practice in? Who built those courthouses that those female judges preside over? Point being, without men, women would be NOWHERE. So let's start admiring masculinity instead od falsely labeling it as "toxic".

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