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Jessie L. Ramsey: American Black Conservative


  • Repeal of all anti-police legislation

  • Return to "Broken Windows" policing

  • Expansion of privatized police forces to supplement Municipal police and State Patrol

  • ​Public School Curricula Overhaul

  • Expansion of Homeschooling and Private Schools

  • Age-appropriate educational materials

  • Repeal of all state level personal income taxes

  • One B&O tax capped at 4.5%

  • Streamline of road tolls and vehicle registration fees.

  • Secure the perimeters by upgrading the fences and entries

  • Secure the buildings with upgraded doors and AMS systems

  • Secure the people by contracting with private police and voluntarily armed staff.

  • Localized polling places

  • Mandatory voter ID

  • Elimination of Mail-In voting

  • Expansion of vote counting

We can do partisan politics later. Right now, we have a state to rescue!

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