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Privacy Policy

Use of some features of this site ("www.jramsetabc".com") requires membership. We also utilize a mail subscription service outside of membership. To facilitate this, we collect certain personal data such as email addresses, first and last name, photos (for profiles), and, should you be so inclined to post it, your home address and/or city and state of residence.

Google may use this information to do their thing with Analytics for their search engine. We, however, will NEVER EVER voluntarily disclose your personal information to ANY third party proprietors. We don't run active ads on this site, nor do we currently merchandise, yet we reserve the right to merchandise ABC branded products in the future. If and when that happens, we may keep your email address for PayPal purposes. Otherwise, we strive to make every effort to keep your personal data personal and secure.

Use of this site and membership privileges releases this site, its owner, and admins from liability resulting from any unintended and uncontrollable data breach by tech savvy hooligans (otherwise known as "hackers"). By using this site and membership privileges, you agree to all terms of this Privacy Policy.

You can contact the site owner by sending email to or calling (253) 487-4727.

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