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Though this is an open free speech forum, all interactions on this site are monitored. As such, all interactions will be kept civil.

Racism, misogyny, misandry, anti-semitism, or other forms of bigotry are forbidden. Although healthy criticism of groups of people are encouraged, there shall be no unreasoned, unwarranted attacks on any.

Bullying and harassment will NOT be tolerated.


No spamming other members.


No Doxxing. EVER.

No pornography or pornographic content. All content posted must be “safe for work”.

You may give out your own social media information (twitter handles, Facebook address, Parler handles, ETC.), but you may NOT give out other’s information without expressed permission.

All personal issues are to be resolved on a personal level. If they cannot be resolved on a personal level, then a complaint must be submitted to Admin. If Admin cannot resolve this issue, the issue will be kicked up to the owner for final disposition.

The site owner, Admin, and Bouncers reserve the right to remove any members for any reason deemed appropriate.

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