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Jessie L. Ramsey

Kent, Washington
47th Legislative District

My fellow Washingtonians.

    I first got here in 2003 and fell in love with this state, especially the city of Seattle. I had a lot of fun here taking in the sights and the beauty of the landscape, along with the climate and friendly people. It wasn't absolutely perfect, but it was the greatest city I had the privilege to be stationed near (JBLM). I saw the absolute potential for Seattle, and the state of Washington as a whole, to be the premier venues to come vacation, move to, and make a life in, in the United States. When I left Washington (and the Army) in 2006, I did a one-for-one swap: I left a piece of my heart in Washington, and brought Washington with me.

    I returned to Washington in 2017 to a much different place. Gone was the scenic beauty, friendly atmosphere, cleanliness, and safety of Seattle, replaced by politics that utterly destroyed the city, and Washington in general. I quickly noticed that the tax structure, education, and gun laws were all wrong, and there was no system in place to help small businesses succeed. I watched as Washington's police forces were politically decimated. Roving bands of urban terrorists called ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter set up an autonomous zone in the middle of Seattle, and the governor groveled at China's feet for pandemic supplies as the Coronavirus took hold. It was a scene that I never thought I would see in real life and quite frankly, I was embarrassed. I truly felt bad for the Washingtonians who were put out of work at the behest of a governor and government that had no clue how to handle crises, and were just making it up as they went, resulting in the absolute ruin of this state's economy and lifestyle.

    It was that point that I decided to run for the office of Representative for Washington's 47th Legislative district. I pledge to set right all that went wrong. I am NOT a career politician. I am, in fact, a security guard who loves this state and his country with all of the passion in his heart. The one thing that I have learned over the past 5 years is that you don't need a fancy university degree to be good for the people you represent (I myself have an associate's degree from Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California). You just need a desire to do what is right no matter what hits you, and a love for your people that is so strong, you'd rather die than see them fail.

    I'm Jessie Ramsey, and I'm running to be YOUR representative. It is my sincere hope that You, as citizens of Kent, Auburn, Covington, and Maple Valley, will sent me to Olympia to replace that potato that is currently in office so I can work to make your lives better, and in doing so, improve the lives of the Washingtonians I hold so dear. I humbly thank you for this consideration.

Jessie L. Ramsey
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