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My Plan to Secure Washington's Public Schools

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

In light of the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas, I feel it necessary to draft a plan to secure Washington's public schools so that such an awful tragedy would never find the state's borders. The current plans for the security of our schools needs a complete overhaul, and with my 3 step plan, our schools will be safe and secure. My plan is a direct copy of what has been implemented at Boeing.

Step 1: Secure the Perimeter

The fence lines of our schools are woefully inadequate. anybody can gain access with the right tools (or a speeding vehicle). We need to harden our fence lines with higher quality alloy composites. Next, we replace the swinging gates with twin turnstiles that are activated by AMS (Access Management System) readers. These turnstiles are activated by an AMS chip in the Student's ID card and will allow for a quarter turn at a time before it locks again, allowing for one student at a time to go through. Despite is sounding slow, these twin turnstiles can process about 70-80 students per minute.

Step 2: Secure the Building

The school doors also need to be hardened with higher quality alloy composites. These doors will be activated by AMS readers, and the students will have to scan their ID cards to open them. AMS will be controlled by a Central Management System (CMS) that is operated by School Administration. The Secretary, nurse, and Principal will have distress buttons under their desks that will both automatically lock out AMS and notify 911 and Campus Police should things pop off. Emergency lockout can be overridden via CMS by the school Principal or Vice-Principal.

Step 3: Secure the People

Finally, we pass legislation that would allow firearms to be carried on school grounds by school staff (voluntary, of course). Then we use my police reform plan to allow school districts to contract with the state to use private police as school security. The boots on the ground will be an effective deterrent, as well as a quick reaction force that can neutralize the threat and secure the scene until sworn law enforcement arrives.

I feel that this is the best approach to school security. The students of Washington's schools deserve better than to be targets for any psychopath who wish to do them harm.

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