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How to Clean Up Crime In the State of Washington

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

It's no big secret that crime in the state of Washington has exploded to heights never seen before. This is because our lovely legislature decided to pass laws that severely curtail police powers. As a result, we have had a massive walk off of police officers across the state, and the criminals are treating this as their own "Disneyland" opportunity.

Cleaning up the rampant crime in this state will take a multi-faceted, out-of-the-box approach. I have spent about 3 hours with my good friend Andrew McKellips of Iconic Global Security (Read about some of their heroic actions during the CAHZ/CHOP incident here), and we worked out a way to not only restore law enforcement in this state, but to enhance and augment the forces as well. For this article, I will use Iconic Global and Olympia Tactical Investigations as examples. Step 1: Get Rid of Anti-Police Legislation

The brainiacs in the Washington state legislature passed a slew of bills that severely curbed police powers in this state. HB 1310, SB 5051, SB 5066, and all others (read about them here) must be REPEALED. Step 2: Restore the Police to Former Glory and Make It Fun Again

After all of the anti-police legislation from 2021-2022 are repealed, we must pass new legislation that not only doubles funding from pre-COVID levels but give good officers financial bonuses of $10,000.00+ for going an entire year without adverse actions on their records. We must also fast track the bad officers out of the municipal, county, and state level forces. This does not mean they are out of police work for good (though a lot of the abusive officers may be). More on that coming up in the next step.

Step 3: Augment The Current Police Forces With Privatized Police Forces

This is where things get fun. We have private forces such as OlyTac and Iconic Global taking contracts with businesses for private security. They are groups of retired and "walk off" police officers who have great law enforcement training. There are hundreds more of these retirees and "walk offs" who wish to get back into some sort of police role. I say we give them their shot. Here's how it happens: we set up a new department either within the Washington State Patrol (or even better, set up a new State Department called the Washington State Department of Private Investigations), who will oversee all private police forces set up in the state. Private companies like OlyTac and Iconic Global can file for a Private Investigations license with the state for a nominal annual fee. Once licensed, these companies can hire from a pool of state DPI certified candidates (who also register with the new DPI, having submitted law enforcement training documentation from the CJTC to the DPI. There will be a small registration fee). Businesses can contract directly with the Washington State DPI for private police security, and certified private police will have powers of patrol and arrests within the state of Washington. Private police will not be sworn Municipal Officers, county Sheriff Deputies, or State Patrol. They will operate within the confines of private officers and investigators. These private police can respond (in lieu of Social Services personnel) to Domestic Violence incidents, Burglaries, Robberies, and other emergent situations when immediate help is needed, but sworn law enforcement response time will not be adequate to contain the situation.

Step 4: Hold DAs Accountable For Their Actions . . . Or Inactions

The final step is to hold District Attorneys and Prosecutors accountable for their job performances. Any DA who fails to adequately uphold the Washington state constitution and support the state RCW must be brought in front of a legislative committee and held to answer for their actions . . . or inactions. Then, the Governor and Attorney General must be held to answer for why their DAs aren't doing their jobs. Bonus points for being able to broadcast the hearings on television for the state and the country to see.

I feel that with this approach, The streets of Washington State will become safe for all.

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