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SCOTUS Strikes Down NY's Unconstitutional Concealed Carry Law: My Thoughts

Libs and Progressives are freaking out over SCOTUS' ruling that New York's codified requirement that concealed carry applicants show "proper cause" as to why they need a concealed weapon is unconstitutional. A lot of people (especially the news media) have zero clue why New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v Bruen is so monumental. First, it guarantees equal opportunity for people who want to concealed carry to be able to do so.

"Proper Cause" states hate this. They made their bones by determining which people were able to do things, and which people were forbidden (COVID is the grandest example of this). Their grand scheme, however, was much more insidious.

You see, states like New York, California, and others enacted laws that required concealed carry applicants to show "proper cause", or be able to prove that they are in some kind of immediate danger that they absolutely need to concealed carry in order to protect life and limb. This was an extremely high bar to overcome, and 95%+ of applicants are initially denied. What isn't said, though, is what went on behind the scenes.

Government officials have, for decades, used this very law as a boondoggle to score massive campaign windfalls. They would allow concealed carry permits to anyone who can donate enough to their campaigns and causes. Everyone else gets left to the mother lovin' rats. This is a flagrant violation of the second and fourteenth amendments of the U.S. Constitution, which the 6 justices on SCOTUS sniffed out and put an end to. Now, everyone has the opportunity to concealed carry, regardless of ability to line the right pockets. Kathy Hochul's (and Eric Adams') response to the ruling is more than confirmation of this. Sorry, that cash flow comes to an end. Time to scramble to find another.

It's not only New York . . . ANY state or municipality that enacted these laws (Hello, Los Angeles County) must either rescind them and give up that boondoggle, or face massive lawsuits. The U.S. Constitution does not allow for gun rights to be determined by subjective data, Nor does it allow for politicians to use the second amendment as a bargaining chip for regular citizens. SCOTUS got this right. Deal with it, lefties.

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