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What Is The Left. . .Really?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A lot of us conservatives have a good idea what the left does on a daily basis, but i don't think that we have done a good job of putting it all together. In order for us to get a complete idea of how diabolical the left really is, we need to compile everything that we know the left believes and have done, and out it to the backdrop of what is really going on in America these days. So what do we know for sure? We know that the left created Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. We know that a lot of Big Tech CEOs donate tons of money to democrats and leftist organizations. We also know that there is a great disparity between the poor and the rich, with the one buffer (that being the middle class) between them are slowly disappearing. So what's going on here? In a simple statement, The left is pandering to their elite cohorts. . .by further widening the wealth disparity gap. "But that can't be!", you may say. "Don't the democrats want to wipe out wealth disparity through redistribution?" Well, not exactly. What they want is to redistribute wealth (or what little bit of it there is between the middle class and poor) to their already wealthy elites. This has not become more clear to me then during the COVID 19 lockdowns. What happened? What we had was the left extending lockdown policies after 14 days, costing millions of people their jobs, incomes, and livelihoods. But what else did that do? That forced everyone to resort to online retail (food and goods) to sustain their households. That makes big tech CEOs a ton of money, while the middle class are spending themselves into oblivion just to maintain their households. Tech CEOs added billions to their wealth since the start of the COVID pandemic. The democrats in Congress say nothing about this, instead using social media to censor anyone who dares criticize them. What else is going on? We see the left completely destroying black businesses. The resulting unemployment rate surge undoubtedly set black progress back to at least the reconstruction period. Does the left care? No. Not once has the destruction of black businesses been addressed, even by the Congressional Black caucus. They are eerily quiet about it. Lastly, there's a huge push to keep schools closed and turn to online learning for the foreseeable future. Who does this benefit? Inner city kids? Nope. Inner city schools don't generally have iPads to give out to each student. Student of more affluent schools will continue to learn, while students of inner city schools will languish without furthering their educations. Study after study after study show a strong correlation between education and income. So keeping kids away from a learning environment will undoubtedly have an effect on how much they will be worth financially in the future. The left doesn't want to lift anyone out of poverty. They want to continue the long, time honored tradition of being the slave masters with all of the wealth and money while the rest of us are the slaves working for whatever scraps they decide to give us from their tables.

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