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Our Education System Needs an Overhaul!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Washington's education system is horribly broken. We have schools that prefer to push political agendas than teach kids life and intellectual skills. The result is a generation of people who really don't know how to do the basic life things like balance a bank account, invest money . . . even basic reading comprehension and word composition skills have gone by the wayside. Washington State ranks 21 in overall literacy rate. that's 21st out of 50 states. This is unacceptable.

To fix this, I am proposing a 3-step solution. First, I want to overhaul Washington State's school curricula to get rid of things like CRT, nonscientific Gender Theory, and any other Social Justice issues that don't belong in schools. Next, I will reintroduce basic math, reading, writing, and age-appropriate critical thinking and logical skills.

Second, I will push legislation that expands homeschooling. If parents want to set up a community homeschool right in their own homes, we should make it easy to do so with financial incentives and easy, thorough credentialing. Also, if citizens of Washington state wish to use their school choice vouchers at a homeschool, then they should be free to do so. There will, of course. be reporting requirements on the part of the homeschoolers in order to keep their credentialing.

Finally, we should make it easy to set up hard stand private schooling. We can do this by streamlining loans to purchase building space, easy loans for the purchase of books and computers, then set a 2-year B&O tax moratorium on new private schools so they can have the financial means to get established.

I feel this is the best way to rescue a failing education system Our kids deserve better than what our legislature has been giving them.

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