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Liz Cheney and China By Proxy

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Wouldn't it be WEIRD if it comes out that Liz Cheney, Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, received funding from Chinese investors, and the threat of losing this money caused her to turn on Donald Trump? Liz Cheney raised a lot of money from numerous sources in 2020, and particularly noteworthy is a company clawed Blackstone group. Blackstone group donated $14,017.00 to Liz Cheney's campaign in 2020. That's no pocket change, as it totals almost a quarter of a Congressperson's annual salary. Blackstone group's CEO is a man called Stephen Schwarzman. Mr. Schwarzman used to be one of Donald Trump's White House financial advisors. . .up until President Trump ratcheted up trade disputes with China. You see, Mr. Schwarzman has extensive business dealings in China, to include the sale of the Waldorf Astoria to a Chinese company called Anbang Insurance (that was seized by the CCP for 2 years, but that's beside the point). The Chinese wealth fund called C.I.C. eventually sold its stake in Blackstone amid worsening tensions with The White House. That didn't stop Mr. Schwarzman, who still had significant business interests in China, among which is is the Schwarzman Scholars Program, a venture to bring Chinese students to American universities. It's a venture that has raised a few eyebrows domestically, given Chin's love for stealing American Intellectual Property and the CCP's iron fisted domination of the people.

Again, Blackstone donated over $14,000 to Liz Cheney's campaign. It is widely known that another Donald Trump presidency would pose an existential threat to the Chinese economy, and threaten China's relationship with Blackstone. That would give Mr. Schwarzman plenty of motive to lean on Liz Cheney to become President Trump's Judas.

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