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In Defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene

So the latest gobbledygoook coming from the Left is that Marjorie Taylor Greene made some obscure post about "Jewish Space Lasers" igniting the California Wildfires. There are YouTube videos about it. Seth Myers went on an unhinged rant about it on late night television. Without going into the absurdity of saying that comparing Ilhan Omar to Marjorie Taylor Greene is somehow racist (that's coming in a laater post), let's address the context of what is being alleged that MJG said.

This is the Facebook post that is being widely cited by the left as supposed "proof" of these absurd beliefs:

After reading that, you'll see that MJG is a victim of the left's most widely used tactic: the Straw Man.

Nowhere in that post did MJG say anything about "Jewish space lasers". What she did do (expertly) is bring out the connection between Governor Brown, PG&E (Who actually did have an active partnership with Solaren), and wealthy billionaire Hedge Fund managers. Also involved were the Rothschilds (controllers of the Federal Reserve. They approved PG&E for a $1.5 billion loan after the fires. Crazy, eh?) As I claimed in 2017 when I first got into finance and investments (i was explaining to my sister how put options work): smart people can see disaster coming, and leverage options on the decline or ascent of certain stocks accordingly.

It was the whole scheme that caused the Redditors to rise up against the Billionaires in the GameStop fiasco.

So what happened in Cali? Deets are loose, but it seems that an error in calculation caused Solaren's beam to misfire. Now right there people would dismiss that as a "tin foil hat" thing by claiming I believe in space lasers that don't exist, except for one thing: I pulled this image from Solaren's own web site:

That sure looks like a space laser to me. So either Solaren is in the business of lying about their own business model, or leftist hacks don't do any research. Hell, Solaren even admitted that one of their goals is to create a solar energy plant in space. So was MJG really that far off in pondering the cause of the wildfires, especially when she said that witnesses saw a blue light coming from the sky, which happens to be the same color light that is illustrated in Solaren's picture? Hmmm...

Is it really far fetched to think that hedge fund managers shorted PG&E, making billions of the loss of the stock's value, then subsequently sending the kickbacks to Governor Brown and PG&E executives? That's what the Hedge Fund managers do, and that's why Congressional Democrats were stuck defending them from Redditors even beyond their rhetoric of "wealth redistribution".

No, why the Democrats really want to "cancel" MJG is because she dared challenge their precious golden calf, David Hogg (who never has an explanation for ANYTHING he believes; he just parrots lines he's been spoon fed by CNN and MSNBC).

Nothing gets in the way of a narrative the left tries to push . . . especially not some do-gooder Trump supporting congresswoman. She must be destroyed and made an example of . . . just like all dissenters. So they'll Straw Man, Virtual Signal, and Language Recodify to get destroy their target. Just ask Donald J. Trump.

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